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Monday, October 9, 2017

Active Shooter Training

Unfortunately, once again we are forced to confront the new reality of the “active shooter”. The facts are that there have been more mass shootings in the last 20 years that in the first 220 years of this country’s existence. Another fact is that the “body count” per shooting continues to rise. Here are 2 actions I implore you to consider.
  • ACTIVE SHOOTER TRAINING: While no one wants to believe it will ever happen at their location, we must be prepared. From the moment a gun is seen or shots are fired what you do in the next 3 seconds decides whether you live or die. GMI has always offered and highly encourages all of you to participate in an “active shooter” training. The training is 30 minutes and we believe it is highly effective. To schedule a session simply ask your customer service manager. Remember this training is absolutely free to all GMI customers.
  • EVACUATION PLANNING AND REHEARSALS: Take another look at your evacuation plan. Most plans were written to account for fire, flood, earthquake, and other natural disasters. What we find routinely missing is what we do and where we go in the event of a shooting. Make sure your plan would work in the case of an active shooter. Finally, rehearse your evacuation plan with drills at least annually and adjust your plan based on the results of those drills.

For these issues and any other security related matter please feel free to contact GMI. Our #1 goal is, as always, for you to be able to do your business in the safest environment possible.




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