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Monday, July 20, 2020
Crime help


Early on in late February and March the country saw  a significant drop in crime as people hunkered down and settled in for the lock down, but the longer we remain in lock down crime rates begin to rise and in some cases begin to exceed even pre-Covid numbers.

Gun violence is on the rise across the country. In some major metropolitan areas death by gun far exceeds Covid related fatalities.  Other forms of violence against persons are also rising sharply. There are varying opinions on the root causes for the increase of violence but there is no disputing it is a much more dangerous country then it was just a few short months ago.

While property crime dropped dramatically at the start of the pandemic, these crimes are now beginning to rise and in some areas has already caught and surpassed 2019 numbers. It is predicted that as more people begin to feel the financial hardships this type of crime will soon explode.

Some experts believe that masks are adding to crime statistics as the anonymity of masks embolden some to commit crime who otherwise would not.

There are other new types of crime that seem to be growing as we settle into the third month of social distancing.

  • Civil disobedience in the face of state and city restrictions
  • Package thefts
  • Speeding
  • Surges in the opioid epidemic
  • Assault on medical workers and law enforcement (usually through coughing, spitting, or sneezing)

Crimes that continue to be problematic during the pandemic

  • Burglary of commercial businesses left vacant
  • Domestic and family violence
  • Hate crimes (especially against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders)
  • Vehicle theft
  • Financial scams
  • Price gouging
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