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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

GMI’s Pre-Employment Testing for Security Guards

Are Your Security Guards Too Aggressive or Too Passive? Are they Honest and Reliable? Can you really know?

Many of the skills necessary to succeed as a Security Guard cannot be exhibited on a resume or in an interview. Passive or aggressive behavior, or a lack of integrity, cannot be evaluated based on a conversation but they can be revealed during pre-employment testing. 

At GMI, we only hire 1 out of every 11 applicants. In our Guard division, 20% of applicants with VALID GUARD CARDS are disqualified based upon the results from Kwantek pre-employment testing.  Kwantek provides a unique and powerful test for the security industry that contains a suggested scoring range based on normative data gathered from across the US.

Further, of the 80% that passed the GMI Kwantek test, another 37% of applicants were disqualified based upon their results of the Stanton Integrity Survey. The Stanton screens out applicants likely to engage in counter-productive behavior.

Does your service provider perform pre-employment behavioral testing?  If not, they may be hiring Guards that have “failed” GMI’s pre-employment testing… and you just might have Security Guards on your site that are too aggressive, too passive or too unreliable to be effective.



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