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Security Services


Standing Guard Service

A visible security presence reduces criminal activity and GMI’s on-site security guards will maintain order, protect property, and enforce regulations. We can also help reduce liability by reporting obstructed access ways, lighting issues and other safety-related issues. GMI’s Integrated Security Solution has long been recognized by law enforcement, the military and government agencies as the best way to protect assets. Based on the results of a CPTED and Security in Depth Assessment, GMI will identify the appropriate levels of the 3 Critical Components of an Integrated Security Solution (security technology, security policies & procedures, and security force) with the goal of maximizing the economy of force and scale.


Vehicle Patrol

Offering vehicle patrol provides a security presence to deter crime and provide a safe, secure environment. To ensure vehicle patrol’s effectiveness, GMI has designed an accountability and communications system to insure the onsite visits are performed in a systematic manner. Every detail of the property’s status is relayed in real time to our customer.


Parking Enforcement

Our approach to parking enforcement features regularly scheduled patrol routes complimented with our proprietary, state-of-the-art technology. Our customizable app allows the officers the ability to quickly cite vehicles that are not permitted to park on your property and the officers can easily determine whether the parking violation requires immediate towing or just a warning.


Temporary/Event Security

GMI understands that each event has a unique personality and mix of attendees. We’ve deconstructed the traditional event security model and created a customized Integrated Security Solution to achieve the ultimate in secure environments. From a large corporate event to a smaller private party, we invest the time to obtain a firm understanding of your audience and we then match our personnel to fit the event profile. This strategy ensures a cohesive ambiance at your event while still providing maximum security presence. In addition to our professional, uniformed security officers and our multiple levels of on-site supervision, GMI employs state-of-the-art technology to track guard movement and report incidents so you can always have peace of mind.


24/7/365 Local Dispatch Center

GMI’s in-house dispatch center operates 7/24/365 from our corporate office in San Diego.

​All dispatch calls are logged​ and recorded​ for instant access by clients, management, supervisors and our security guards. Dispatchers are the critical link to resolving security issues any hour of the day or night. Our experienced team instantly relays critical information and coordinates the operations of our officers in the field. Our investment in local dispatch is crucial to delivering the efficient and effective security service you deserve.

Recruiting & General Info




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