A day porter cleaning the courtyard.

Services for the HOA Industry

Homeowners Associations (HOAs) provide advantages in exchange for membership, with cleanliness and security ranking top among them. Give yours the benefit of professional care from GMI Integrated Facility Solutions.

Integrated Facilities Management Services Scaled for Your HOA

GMI is headquartered in Southern California and is the most-established local provider for HOA facility management solutions. Our experts will develop a cost-effective program customized for your association that covers all the security and janitorial services you require.

HOA Security Services

Give your residents added safety, comfort and peace of mind with professional HOA security services. We’ll give your residential community a comprehensive assessment to identify where our diverse resources will deliver the greatest benefit for you. Programs can include combinations of security guards, equipment, vehicle assets and advanced security technologies.

The full suite of GMI HOA security services includes:

  • Marked vehicle patrols.
  • Community parking enforcement.
  • Armed and unarmed security guards.
  • Temporary security resources for events.
  • In-house security officer dispatch 24/7/365.

HOA Janitorial Services

Keep your HOA healthy and looking attractive with targeted cleaning and sanitation services performed by trained specialists. At GMI, we are certified providers of OS1 (Operating System 1) services — standardized solutions designed to clean for health first, then appearance, using effective and eco-friendly cleaning products. We’ll cover everything from day-to-day cleaning to the long-term sterilization of your shared community surfaces.

Our HOA cleaning services encompass:

  • Comprehensive cleaning and janitorial services.
  • Power washing to keep surfaces attractive and safe.
  • Community street and parking lot sweeping services.
  • Carpet and commercial floor care for community areas.
  • Services designed to kill and prevent germs and viruses.

Integrated HOA Facility Management Services

You can make managing your HOA custodial and security programs even easier by combining them into an integrated plan. Integrated plans are force multipliers that combine our workforces to deliver even better results through training, communication and collaboration.

GMI integrated HOA facility management services are the ideal approach for increasing safety, cleanliness, health and security for your residential community. You’ll get the professional services we provide and the benefits that come with uniting them under the same umbrella, like:

  • Better communication: 

    Integrated services give you one point of contact to manage the two different teams taking care of your property.

  • Better rates:

    Switching to an integrated solution — instead of sourcing from separate providers — typically results in 5% to 10% overall savings.

  • Better results: 

    All our cleaning and security staff receive extra training during onboarding to cover the different ways they can do better work together.

Your Partner for Professional Service and Personal Attention

GMI is your partner for professional care and dedicated support. We've been serving communities throughout San Diego County, Riverside County, Orange County and Los Angeles County for over 50 years. We know what it takes to keep up with the modern world and have the resources to overcome today's HOA security, health and safety challenges head-on. We'd love to talk about upgrading your HOA to a plan through GMI. Schedule a walkthrough with our team, and we'll show you how we can help you save.