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If you own a business or manage a property, we’ll keep things safe and secure. GMI Integrated Facility Solutions is your local provider for customized security, sterilization and cleaning services in San Diego. Our company is the largest integrated facility solutions provider in Southern California. We are also one of the oldest, with over 50 years of experience serving the local commercial, industrial and public sectors.

A standing guard in front of a floor cleaner.
A standing guard in front of a floor cleaner.

Your Integrated Facility Solutions Provider

We offer a list of services tailored to deliver the best results at the maximum value. Our team will develop custom strategies that make the most sense for your goals and budget.

San Diego County Janitorial Services

At GMI Integrated Facility Solutions, we design custom janitorial service programs using Operating System 1 (OS1) cleaning processes. These programs are comprehensive, lean plans where we assign workers specific roles. We then provide them with specialized training and equipment to do their jobs as effectively as possible while maintaining efficient use of resources.

Our janitorial services include:

  • Contract janitorial:

    Our contract janitorial services are office cleaning and sanitation services — including green solutions — where we use advanced equipment to sterilize every square inch of a space.

  • Day porter: 

    Day porters provide daily cleaning services for San Diego county businesses and other public spaces. We’ll keep your areas clean, tidy and attractive, while also watching for potential safety risks.

  • Pressure washing:

    Power washing is a fast and effective way to restore exterior surfaces. Our teams have the experience and equipment to remove mold, dirt, algae and more without causing damage.

  • Commercial floor care: 

    We use the latest equipment to maintain or restore virtually any commercial flooring, including floors made from stone, marble, ceramic, concrete, Vinyl Composition Tile (VCT), vinyl and rubber.

  • Carpet cleaning: 

    Commercial carpets are high-traffic surfaces that need much more than vacuuming to stay hygienic and attractive. We can schedule regular services to help yours look fresh and last longer.

  • Window washing: 

    Clean windows deliver the right first impression to anyone walking in the door, and we make sure yours send the correct message. Our window washers have training in safe and proper techniques.

  • Trade services: 

    We are a licensed general contractor with a trained crew on staff. Our trade services in San Diego County cover building construction, repairs, restorations, improvements, mold remediation and more.

San Diego County Security Services

We also provide trained, professional and courteous security personnel to protect all your interior and exterior spaces, the people on your property and your valuable assets. All our security guards must meet strict qualifications to wear our uniform. We hold them all accountable to deliver the best possible service while contributing positively to your company or organization’s public image.

GMI Integrated Facility Solutions security services include:

  • Standing guard services: 

    Our standing security guard services provide your property with an effective deterrent against crime. They also offer peace of mind for staff, guests and employees.

  • Vehicle patrols: 

    We can also schedule uniformed vehicle patrols — on random or regular schedules — for an extra layer of security. We’ll provide you with real-time access to site data.

  • Parking enforcement:

    Let our professionals manage your parking garage or lots to help keep things orderly and moving. We’ll enforce your regulations and deal appropriately with offenders.

  • Temporary/Event security: 

    If you have a large or special event coming up and need to boost your security presence, we’ll coordinate the people and resources necessary to manage the event.

Learn More About Our Facility Management Services

Reach out to our team today to get more information about our facility management services in San Diego County. We'll answer all your questions and let you know how GMI Integrated Facility Solutions can help you create a safer, healthier and more welcoming environment.