Security Alert #503: Vacancy Vandalism

GMI constantly monitors crime trends and activities to help you better protect yourself and your business.

We are noticing an increase in vandalism and theft at vacant retail units.  Thieves select vacancies as the chances of getting caught are significantly lower. Thieves have stepped up their activity lately and are also using the vacancies to access neighboring occupied spaces to steal valuable items.

Crime Prevention Tips:

An Alarm may deter individuals from attempting to enter your building and can  quickly alert authorities if someone does break in. We suggest you alert the alarm service provider that the unit is vacant.
Security Patrol Guards visit the building at random times to make sure nothing is amiss. The guards deter trespassers and vandals and provide quick response if a problem arises.
Motion-Activated Lights, and increased lighting overall, can help protect vacant units by allowing intruders to be spotted.
Security Cameras can help protect vacant units by acting as a deterrent and identifying criminals.  
A Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) Report can recommend changes that:
  • Discourages access to all but the intended users
  • Allows intruders to be spotted BEFORE they commit a crime
  • Establishes boundaries between private and public property