Contract Janitorial Services

Contract Janitorial Services

At GMI Integrated Facility Solutions, we know how vital facility cleanliness is, and we keep yours in optimal condition with custom janitorial contracting services tailored to your precise needs. We use advanced methods and technologies to maintain healthy and attractive environments — regardless of your business size or employee count.

A day porter cleaning the courtyard.
A day porter cleaning the courtyard.

Customized OS1 Janitorial Contracting Services

We are a certified provider of Operating System 1 (OS1) contract janitorial services — the first to achieve certification in Southern California. OS1 is a comprehensive program built on the idea of Team Cleaning® and lean processes. That structure means everyone involved in the contract, from management to our personnel on the ground, has the skills and in-depth training to deliver superior results.

OS1 is the only janitorial program that is ISO 9000-certified for quality management. With this program, each worker is assigned specific tasks and provided with the appropriate tools, chemicals and protective equipment to complete the job. This simplified structure leads to more effective cleaning and sterilization, more efficient consumption of resources and more consistent results.

We also offer green janitorial contracting services that follow the guidelines produced by the United States Green Building Council (USGBC). As an OS1 program provider, all the cleaning products we use in any OS1 program must be EPA-registered or have Green Seal® certification. When you partner with us, we’ll create a plan that prioritizes the environment and the safety of your customers, guests and employees.


Health and Safety by Design

At GMI Integrated Facility Solutions, we Clean for Health First, Then Appearance. Since well before the pandemic, our team followed CDC guidelines for daily janitorial services. Today, with the increased threats to public health, we’ve added to our efforts. Our janitorial cleaning specialists now receive even more training, and we’ve increased our disinfecting frequency using EPA-registered cleaning agents proven to kill the virus responsible for COVID-19.

On top of that, we developed a proprietary Disinfect and Protect Program for implementation in client properties. This specialized method sterilizes every square inch of your facility using processes that prioritize health and safety. This three-step system involves:

  • Wiping, cleaning and disinfecting:

    Clean surfaces are the foundation of any sanitation program. Our OS1 solutions ensure all high-contact surfaces get regular attention.

  • Electrostatic spraying:

    This process energizes all unsterilized surfaces in your facility with an electrostatic charge. We then apply polarized cleaning agents that seek them out.

  • Antimicrobial protection:

    After cleaning and sterilization, we apply PreventX 24/7 that keeps your surfaces safe and germ-free for up to 90 days — not just after cleaning.

Professional Service — Personal Attention

When you partner with us for your janitorial contracting services, you gain the advantage of a provider who understands the importance of high standards and consistent results. Our company operates under the ISSA® Cleaning Industry Management Standards (CIMS) — the industry benchmark for quality care.

We’re also the largest regional provider of janitorial services. Our team knows the unique challenges for the area and the changes that come with seasonal demand. You’ll have the support of people in the local area you can easily reach to make changes to your service, ask questions or get additional assistance.

A team using pressure washers to clean the the outside of a commercial business.
A team using pressure washers to clean the the outside of a commercial business.

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All of our contract janitorial services are customized to deliver the most efficient and cost-effective solution available. Schedule a walkthrough with our team, and we'll put together a competitive quote matched to your exact needs.