Day Porter Services

A day porter cleaning the courtyard.

Day Porter Services

GMI day porter cleaning services are premier janitorial solutions that provide commercial facilities and properties with constant care. We develop custom plans and utilize advanced methods to keep Southern California businesses of all sizes looking their best.

The Need for Day Porter Cleaning Services

Commercial properties have a lot of traffic, and unless someone is consistently cleaning up, it will show. Windows and walls will quickly show signs of contact like dirt and grime, trash will collect and bathrooms will require attention. A day porter stays on top of all this and more, ensuring the customers visiting your property — and the people working inside — will get a positive impression every time.

What Day Porters Do

Day porters are strategically stationed to ensure complete coverage of a facility. These professionals are also mobile and capable of quickly responding to messes, spills and more to keep the premises clean and mitigate potential safety concerns. They have the proper tools, appropriate cleaning agents and professional training to perform an extensive range of services that you can build into your plan:

  • Food court care:

    A food court day porter helps ensure your guests always have a pleasant dining experience. Food court day porter services include trash pickup and removal, table care, spill cleanup and other tasks.

  • Restroom care: 

    Without constant attention, a public restroom can quickly become a sore spot for customers and staff alike. Day porters will keep them clean and stocked at all hours, and notify your maintenance department of any issues.

  • Lobby maintenance: 

    A lobby is where people form their first impressions. Day porters help make sure your customers and guests enjoy a positive picture of your business by walking into a space that’s clean, organized, sanitized and comfortable.

  • Trash removal:

    An overflowing trash can is a safety risk and an eyesore that sends the wrong message. Day porter cleaning services will police the area to collect and remove all trash and debris, including waste piled in cans and on the ground.

  • General cleanup: 

    Day porters work in the background to keep every square foot looking great. They will keep your breakrooms, hallways, cafeterias, conference rooms and other areas looking immaculate with dusting, mopping, sanitizing, vacuuming and other cleaning services.

A day porter also provides a second set of eyes to spot maintenance concerns and safety risks before they become costly issues. They will mark-off and clean spills, replace lightbulbs and communicate with maintenance to resolve any repairs.

The GMI Difference

With day porter services through GMI, you get professional service with personal attention. GMI is headquartered in Southern California and is the area’s largest local day porter contracting company. We specialize in providing customized and cost-effective commercial cleaning and sanitation solutions. Our company works with businesses of all sizes throughout San Diego County, Orange County, Los Angeles County and Riverside County to make cleaner, healthier and more attractive spaces.

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