Vehicle Patrol Services

A vehicle patrol guard in his car.

Vehicle Patrol Services

GMI roving vehicle patrol services deliver a highly visible presence that deters crime and makes your property a safer and more welcoming place. We are the region’s largest local security patrol contracting company. Partner with us to have our team customize a professional solution scaled to your requirements.

Mobile Security Patrol Services Adapted to Meet Your Needs

Professional vehicle patrol services through GMI place marked vehicles and uniformed security officers at your business or commercial property at regular intervals. These visits may appear random to the untrained eye but are actually designed using a sophisticated matrix built around the best times, routes and frequency for your specific location.

Our officers ward off criminal elements and use advanced communications equipment to relay essential data back to our local, 24/7 dispatch center in real time. They have the training to perform a wide range of associated duties that include:

  • Protection: 

    Checking locks on doors, windows and gates.

  • Response:

    Responding to active safety and security issues.

  • Patrols: 

    Patrolling parking lots, garages and perimeter areas.

  • Escorts: 

    Performing escorts for guests, tenants and employees.

  • Prevention: 

    Identifying and reporting potential safety and security risks.

We also employ the latest software and technology solutions to deliver optimal results. GMI mobile security patrol services come with the benefit of real-time incident reporting, GPS tracking and site reports customized to provide site-specific data in simple, organized readouts that are easy to understand.


The Advantages of Using GMI Vehicle Patrol Services

GMI vehicle patrol services are suited for commercial businesses, construction sites, housing communities, shopping centers, business parks, medical campuses, industrial areas and many other properties. Add them to your security program, and you’ll unlock significant advantages:

  • Cost-effective security: 

    GMI roving vehicle patrols are an excellent way to augment your standing security force while keeping to a budget.

  • Visible crime deterrents: 

    Our officers make a point of being obvious. They let criminals, vandals and trespassers know someone is watching.

  • Rapid incident response: 

    Vehicle patrols are always on the move. If there’s an emergency or unlawful activity, they can take immediate action.

  • Force coordination:

    Each security vehicle is a mobile communications platform. Our officers can coordinate with our teams and local authorities.

  • Peace of mind: 

    A marked vehicle patrol is a reassuring sign to everyone that a professional security firm is protecting your commercial property.

A vehicle patrol officer walking in a parking lot.

Custom Solutions From a Local Provider

At GMI, you’ll get professional mobile security patrol services delivered with personal attention. We’re based in Southern California, and our team designs every security solution from the ground up using data unique to your property and the local area. We will consistently review officer performance and program results so you get the maximum results and greatest value.

Contact GMI

Reach out to GMI today to schedule a consultation with our solutions team. We'll set up a convenient time to visit your location, perform a walkthrough and explain more about our roving vehicle patrol services. We'll also show you how you can include other security solutions, trade services and janitorial work into your program for extra ease and added savings.